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  2. 10-10-11 spune: ca sa vezi ce placa video ai, intra in “START”, “RUN” si scrie “dxdiag” (fara ghilimele si da ok.In tabul Display vei gasi informatiile despre placa ta video si astfel vei sti unde sa cauti driverele necesare. daca nu sti cum, lasa aici un mesaj cu tipul si modelul placii video si te ajut eu un link. -44V-a ajutat acest raspuns?

  3. Kininvie, I’m honoured that you want my moon for your blogroll and my mother would be tickled pink!! We have decided to resort to weedkiller if anything dares to put its head up again, had to make room to use it otherwise I would have been spraying something precious. There is a dandelion right in the middle of some day lilies so that got painted with something to make it die! I try to be organic but sometimes needs must and out comes the spray!

  4. Hi Nikki…WOW we haven’t talked in a while huh? How are you? Anyway…I’m not looking forward for Christmas because my mom and dad will get me a dictionary again..*sigh* whatever! I hope you have fun though!

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  11. meloncremeJuly 30, 2012언니! You like 태양 too? My sister likes him too. Just not in a crazy fangirl level. XD I really wanna go back to 2006 or 2007 when only a few people here in the Philippines were into kpop.

  12. Harley. What do you have to say on this? You’re obviously seeing this.“I guess the same as peace-promoters Gandhi, Martin Luther King and JFK attracted being violently murdered… People making positive waves in this World will always be met with stiff opposition and violence on some level because they threaten the livelihood of hucksters and planet-killers.” – Freelee defending DR.

  13. well I think that Ochoa is not considered one of the best goalkeepers ..!!level by having Mexican soccercaompara not anything English or Spanish soccer ..!!I think there is quivocaron ..!!y edwin van der saris much better than ochoa ..!!truth

  14. indian lawyerAugust 27, 2012 at 8:07 ami hope arsenal drop out of the top 4 and dont win anything this year so that all my united and barcelona supporting friends irritate me about it until i feel rage inside.suffering builds character after all. thank you mr wenger for making arsenal the laughing stock of the elite club world. soon we wont even be part of the elite club.

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  16. Wow, that’s *way* more exciting than my unreleased musical story (proposed it for my college’s original student musical production, it didn’t pass, the composer moved on to other things, and I was left w/ four good songs and a whole lotta book & lyrics.)I loved “Money Gonna Make You a Real Man” (nice Dragnet sting); any chance of reconstituting the parts of the score you’re not ready to present yet and turning this into a full-fledged musical?

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  19. Crec sincerament que això ( barçes i companyies ) es la decadència de la nostra civilització… a la nostra Ciutat, contenidors, motos i cotxes cremats, vidres de portals rebentats ect. no faria un brindis ni que en matessin. Crec que la tv3 està pagada per aquest club de prepotents jo particularment els hi faria pagar les destrosses a ells… Que n’aprenguin!!!! (tal com diu el seu Capo).Petonets violant, el poema es preciós.

  20. Ce que j’aime dans ce communiqué :- l’ensemble du propos- le “L’UPR rappelle qu’elle exige” // exige Ce que j’aime moins :- “L’UPR demande solennellement au président de la République” // demande Car bon, la coupe est pleine, et pas que sur le cas Afghanistan, et pas que depuis juin2012! Jean-Marc,démocrate et à présent légitimiste, car c’est la légitimité qui est devenue la juste mesure des choses, et non plus la “légalité” ou autres fadaises

  21. / Interessante! Especialmente por diferir tanto da imagem da Lua à qual estamos acostumados: parece um satélite completamente diferente e é apenas o “outro lado” de nosso(a) velho(a) vizinho(a)…Apenas por curiosidade: se o roxo é referente às menores altitudes e a cratera tem 12km de profundidade, que cor corresponde à altitude “zero”?Gostei deste comentário ou não: 1

  22. kritt11 Jim S- As a former Hillary supporter, I reluctantly agree with you. I understand the anger and frustration of these voters, but I really see it as acting as a spoiler– ala Nader voters in 2000. It makes just as little sense– as we should be focusing on the issues and not hurt feelings. If McCain does win he has pledged to continue many of the initiatives begun by George Bush. He would probably be less partisan and more competent, but he is still a conservative Republican who will submit conservative picks for the SCOTUS. That would set the progressive movement back even farther.

  23. Cubs? You want the world to end?The Blackhawks' story is encouraging. After decades of an abusive relationship, the son takes over the team apologizes for the egregious sins and embraces the team's amazing history. It's still to early to tell if this was a genuine effort or just a shrewd business maneuver…but for now, the pride is back and ANYTHING is possible.

  24. I’m just trying to keep a reasonable mind because I don’t want to be here after dec 21 when the POSSIBLE shift may occur… If there is a war before then, I hope not too many people are hurt or killed. But if it does prove fatal for some I hope they return to source and in general are just happy because it’s hard just being on this planet waiting for something beneficial to us…

  25. i had one on my wrist when i was in elementary, and i didn’t anyone to know.. So i put super glue and clear nail polish on it and in one week it was gone (i applied my little mixture on every day).. It never came back i have no scar from it either.. tell your friend to try that..cheaper and it really works…no extra chemicals and it won’t burn you… hope this helps… Good luck to your friendmy cousin had warts and he tried EVERYTHING.. he has scars on his fingers from it.

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  27. I like El Centro. It’s hot as hell and quite small but very quaint. You probably didn’t know the US Navy the Salton Sea Test Base (SSTB) there. It is MOSTLY abandoned with the occasional undisclosed operation ongoing there. I think they test sub sonar there but? I’m not sure. I know they do stuff up in the Chocolate Mtns. You guys have a fav UFO called “goldie”?

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  30. "How do you feel about people tweeting about you right now?" — John A. McArthur (@JAMcArthur) Answer: Shane noted that Twitter makes him nervous as a participant – he might become too sarcastic or sardonic. As an object of study, he says he’s much more comfortable being behind the story than being its topic.

  31. Haha sÃ¥ gullligt! Min familjs hundar, bÃ¥de vÃ¥r gamla hund Puff och Ludde som vi har nu, har man ocksÃ¥ lätt kunnat avgöra humöret pÃ¥ bara genom att titta pÃ¥ dem. Puff var värst. När han fick nÃ¥gon mat han inte tyckte om sÃ¥g han sååå olycklig ut. Tittade pÃ¥ oss med misär i blicken och slokade med öronen, liksom för att frÃ¥ga “mÃ¥ste jag äta det där? snälla lÃ¥t mig slippa”.

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  33. Unfortunately beauty is difficult to appreciate without experiencing the pain of its opposite. How beautifully you have expressed the essence of faith. I treasure your words more because I see you living them out. My love and prayers are with you. Mary Sue

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  35. I made myself give up gum once for Lent. I don’t chew it regularly but I do love blowing bubbles when I do. I’m kinda inclined to start chewing it again — especially since it relieves stress, but I fear I’d dislocate my jaw or something.

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  37. Boa tarde, tenhouma duvida,eu tomava a pilula Belara e há dois meses parei de a tomar e nao tive menstruação até hoje, que veio de novo, (começei a ser irregular pois fiquei 2 meses sem ter mentruação e hoje veio com dores) queria começar a tomar de novo a pilula posso começar hoje (1º dia de menstruação )?

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  42. Nothing positive will happen. I admire all the hardworking, smart legal people who are chasing "the Ghost". But remember — please remember– you are using OLD OUTDATED TOOLS; the tools of the former USA / Constitution. THAT country and those laws no longer EXIST– we live in post-constitutional America. The law of tyrants & Chicago thugs & radical Islam govern today. You must absorb this horrible fact, in order to survive. Adapt or perish!

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  44. I can’t see what you’re on about. This is clearly an original design – just think of the loving effort they would have put in to model the entire body using cardboard, to ensure the vehicle has the crash-test performance of a soggy jiaozi, as required by the DROSS (Domestic Rip-Off Sub-Standards). There’s no way you’d achieve that with a steel or aluminium body.

  45. Thank you for “make-up” day! I have been reading along a little bit each day, but today I actually gathered notebook, Bible, and colored pencils and worked through the entire week. Now it is before 9:30 (my time) and I have already written four steno-book pages of notes on Col. 3. Thank you for breaking this study down into bite-size pieces for us busy moms. God Bless!

  46. Moritz Welcome! Wow what name most refreshing … I am very irritated, the truth is seen that there is no wonder at all. I had a history teacher in high school who never tired of saying 'ignorance is bold. " Our mayor can be a good example of this saying. Being ignorant can be corrected in two ways, preparing and showing humility because I have nobody knows everything. The arrogance is absolutely unacceptable. vitriol

  47. – That’s true, there are a lot of vids to help stay motivated. Kevin hasn’t been on as much but the dude not only does this but he also has work outside of the TLR that still needs his attention not to mention the fact that he has a son. There will be times he won’t be able to post but that’s just the curveballs that life throws. When Kevin ready to post again he will and in the meantime keep checking!

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  50. pacate e foarte tarziu si nu am rabdarea necesara pentru o explicatie mai lunga. Oricum, in orice mediu democratic civilizat o astfel de reactie publica este inimaginabila. Derapajele de la normele morale recepte ale societatii sunt pedepsite cu uitarea, in societatile democratice. Daca la noi e ok, atunci asta e. Noi sa fim sanatosi.Va urez o seara buna.

  51. Să ajungi profesoară are un singur beneficiu. Vezi toate tipurile de mucoșii care te-au enervat în timp ce erai in generală sau liceu și poți să le dai note mici! :)) Pentru că toți depind de tine și de sările tale! :xBaftă în viitor! :*

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